Propeller Calculation Enquiry

Important - The accuracy of this information will determine the success of your installation, therefore please include all other relavant details you feel will help us to select a propeller that will give your vessel the required performance.

Actual resistance and wake values would provide the best information. In the absence of this information we can estimate size, please supply drawing and sketches. When estimating a size we usually acheive a high level of success but we cannot garantee that the required performance will be acheived and we cannot accept any charges for vessel lifting, propeller removal, etc.

A charge may be made for any modificaton or replacement required. If a guarenteed propeller selection service is requested, then a seperate instruction will be required.

Full examination of the vessel is necessary, together with trial prior to selection. Trial after fitting the propeller must also be conducted. These activities must be carried out by French Marine Motors Ltd.

Costs for this service can be discussed. In rare cases some installations can produce 'harmonic resonance' in the propeller ( commonly termed 'singing'). This condition is extremely difficult to predict and we therefore cannot guarantee against 'singing' occurring or accept any charges arising thereof.

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