Mercury Diesel TDI4.2-350 Marine Diesel Engine 350hp one only

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Mercury Diesel TDI4.2-350 Marine Diesel Engine 350hp one only
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Note: This is a brand new engine only one at this price, with only 3 months warranty remaining.

Mercury Diesel TDI 

Mercury Diesel TDI engines offer a new era of technology that delivers a diesel driving experience superior to any other. Mercury Diesel TDI engines are quiet and smooth with virtually no smoke or odour. Add that to the exceptional reliability and worldwide dealer network support of Mercury Marine and you have inboard or sterndrive diesel power that’s simply unbeatable.

Mercury Diesel 

Solid, quiet and dependable are the characteristics of this series. The lightweight, high output turbocharged Mercury Diesel engines deliver gas engine-like performance with the remarkable fuel economy of a diesel. The secret to Mercury Diesel’s smooth performance lies in its high pressure common rail injection system coupled with the performance-boosting turbocharger. You get the best of both worlds – diesel efficiency with power. Whether you’re offshore fishing, long distance cruising or simply zipping across the water, Mercury Diesel engines offer an enviable alternative.

Today’s recreational boaters demand a higher level of performance from all aspects of their vessels. Advances in boat building materials and techniques, improvements in vessel design, comfort and safety, and significant developments in marine electronics have raised expectations across the board. Mercury Diesel engines meet this challenge by delivering a level of performance and reliability that sets a completely new standard for marine diesel propulsion. The result of decades of research and cutting-edge innovations, Mercury Diesel engines feature specialised high-pressure common rail and electronic injection fuel systems that provide increased power-to-weight ratios, cleaner starts and less noise. The smoke and odour often associated with diesel engines are all but eliminated. With quiet, effortless start-ups and impressive acceleration, these engines contribute to a superior boating experience. To ensure maximum performance, all Mercury Diesel engines are SmartCraft™ capable. Integrated digital control and communications systems constantly monitor not only engine performance but also fuel tank levels and water depth. With an optional colour helm display that provides instant diagnostics and is easy to read, you’ll always be in command of your vessel.

Diesel Advantages

  • Outstanding fuel economy and range 
  • Higher torque for greater power

Mercury Diesel Advantages 

  • Instant start-up in cold weather 
  • Virtually smoke & odour free 
  • Lighter weight / increased power 
  • Simplified engine information management 
  • SmartCraft vessel integration 
  • Unmatched performance