Morris K99 Water Resistant Grease 3kg Tub

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Morris K99 Water Resistant Grease 3kg Tub

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Morris K99 Water Resistant Grease 3kg Tub

K99 is a premium quality, water resistant grease for use in industrial and marine applications where the presence of water and humid atmospheres can effect lubricating performance and be detrimental to the protection of parts from corrosion.
K99 is suitable for plain and anti -friction bearings.


• High degree of water resistance

• Excellent corrosion protection.

• Good sealing properties.


Recommended for all plain and rolling element bearings operating in very wet conditions.

K99 is an ideal choice if bearings are temporarily immersed in water or if there is contact with corrosive products.

This product may be used in stern tubes where a grease of this consistency and type is recommended.

As with all greases used for the first time, check compatibility with the grease applied previously and if necessary purge bearings prior to application. Likewise, as a general rule, take care not to over-lubricate and apply the quantity of grease recommended by the bearing manufacturer.