Porthole type PW30 cut-out size Ø 177mm

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Product options PW30, Porthole type PW30, cut-out size 177mm £102.00 inc VAT PW31, Porthole type PW31, cut-out size 198mm £107.00 inc VAT PW32, Porthole type PW32, cut-out size 238mm £122.00 inc VAT

Porthole type PW30 cut-out size Ø 177mm

Product information

Portholes type PW are supplied with hand-polished and anodized aluminium frames and “smoke” coloured acrylic of 10 mm thickness.

These VETUS portholes are not screwed, but clamped. Consequently, there is no need to drill holes.


           External dimensions in mm  PW30  PW31  PW32
                               A    200    220    260
            Cut-out dimensions in mm      
                               B    177    198    238