Vetus 2 speed self parking wiper motor RWS

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Vetus 2 speed self parking wiper motor RWS

Product information

Top quality marine wipers, which meet all the demands of a boat windscreen wiper. They feature a powerful motor and a separate housing with worm wheel transmission. Extremely quiet in operation. Highly suitable for all kinds of boats. Avaiable in 12V (4A) or 24 V (2.1A). The wiping angle may be adjusted to 40, 50, 60, 70,80, 90, 100, or 110 degrees. Standard setting at 110 degrees. Wiper blade and the wiper arm are ordered to be ordered seperately

These Vetus wiper motors (type RWS) are two-speed and self parking. The drive shaft of these motors is made of stainless steel.

These Vetus wiper motors may be supplied with a short or long drive shaft

Short drive shaft (25mm)

Motor with a short drive shaft are suitable for panel thicknessess from 3mm to 13mmRWS short spindle dimensions

Long drive shaft (51mm)

Motors with a long drive shaft are suitable for panel thicknesses from 3mm to 38mm.

Long drive spindle dimensions