Vetus Adjustable Single Wiper arms

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Vetus Adjustable Single Wiper arms

Product information

Suitable combination for arm, blade and wiping angle.

In order not to overload the RWS type motor, it must be checked that the combination of arm length, blade length and wiping angle is acceptable.

The result of the sum: wiper blade length (mm) x arm length (mm) x wiping angle in degrees should not exceed 17,800,000.

Blade length : 410mm
Arm length: 366mm
Wiping Angle: 120 degrees
410 x 366 x 120 = 18,007,200
which means that this combination is not allowed


The metal parts of these wiper arms are made of high gloss polished stainless steel (AISI 316) and the black components are made of top grade synthetic materials.

The adjustable single wiper arms are available in 3 sizes.

AS: from 280 mm to 366 mm
AL: from 395 mm to 481 mm
AX: from 473mm to 559 mm