Vetus All Purpose Tanks Without Connections, ATANK042

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Vetus All Purpose Tanks Without Connections, ATANK042

Data sheets

ATANK manual - 158 KB

Product information

This new tank is made of thick walled high grade linear polythene, which is both rust free and less prone to condensation compared with a metal tank. The tank is suitable for regularly available diesel fuel up toan ambient temperature of 100 ºC. The tanks are seamlessly constructed and have an extra thick wall. The contents level can be seen from outside for easy checking. The ATANK range is also suitable for drinking or waste water. The tank is supplied with labels which are used to specify the tank contents (diesel, fresh water or waste water). The tank is supplied without fittings and therefore these can be installed wherever you choose. Fittings can be found in the VETUS catalogue and can be used for all tanks.

The ATANK in brief:

The tank is suitable for diesel (up to an ambient temperature of 100°C), waste water or fresh water
Use the same code for a diesel tank, waste water tank or fresh water tank
The wall thickness of 5-7 mm (depending on tank dimension) prevents permeation of odours and distortion of the tank
Colour: Light blue translucent.

Technical Specification