Vetus BMONB energy consumption gauge

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Vetus BMONB energy consumption gauge

Product information

It is often very important to know the exact state of charge of a battery or battery bank. Measuring only the voltage and current at a certain moment by means of a voltmeter and ammeter respectively, does not provide sufficient information to ascertain the actual charge level. 

The Vetus energy consumption gauge continuously monitors the voltage and the charge or discharge current and can indicate from this information the level of battery charge. Furthermore, if the battery bank is being discharged, it will calculate the remaining time before the complete discharge is achieved.

The energy consumption gauge monitors the following functions:

  • Voltage; scale range 0 - 32.6 Volts. An alarm warns of low voltage during discharge or excessive voltage during charging.
  • Charge of discharge current; scale range +/- 200 A
  • Battery state of charge; scale range 0 - 99.9% of the nominal battery capacity. This capacity can be entered by the user.
  • Time to complete discharge at the present discharge rate; scale range 0 - 999 hours.

The instrument can be used in both 12 Volt and 24 Volt electrical systems. It is supplied with a 200 A shunt and both square and round bezels.

Diameter of hole: 52 mm dia.

Outside dimesnions: 63 mm dia.