Vetus Battery switch ACCUSH

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Vetus Battery switch ACCUSH

Product information

This famous Vetus battery selector switch is a multi-functional component. In the technical sense it is a sturdy rotary series switch. From the OFF position, the following batteries may be "switched on", in accordance with the switch pattern: Battery 1 only, Battery 1 plus Battery 2, Battery 2 only. The switch enables usage and charging of the batteries, both individually and in parrallel connection.

Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 75 mm.
Capacity at 6-12-24 or 32 Volt: continuous 175A - interval: 300A

KEMA and UNDERWRITERS labaratories approved

The switch is provided with a red locking button, indicating and locking the swithc position. This also discourages over-enthusiastic operation. If a Vetus battery selector switch is fitted, there is still the freedom of choice which battery (or batteries) will supply which service(s). Normally speaking, one of 2 batteries is used for starting the engine. But if that battery is nearly discharged (or defective), the other battery can be called to the rescue. The Vetus selector switch will prove to be invaluable on such occasions.

It is even possible to draw power for the starter motor from both batteries, if the switch is set in the position: "Both". The switch will "make before break" and so battery selection is possible even with the engine running (do not go through the "off" position). Using a Vetus battery selector switch, the starter battery and the domestic battery may be used and charged as desired.