Vetus Clear view screen

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Product options SLR30012 300mm dia. 12 Volt £1,079.00 inc VAT SLR30024 300mm dia. 24 Volt £1,089.00 inc VAT SLR35012 350mm dia. 12 Volt £1,509.00 inc VAT SLR35024 350mm dia. 24 Volt £1,519.00 inc VAT

Vetus Clear view screen

Product information

clear view screen dimensionsThe toughened glass rotating screen reaches its maximum rpm within 25 seconds. The centrifugal force enables all rain, snow and spray to be cleared instantly from the screen. Also dirt and salt will not cause any smears. As a result, your vision will remain completely clear.

Available in 2 sizes and in 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC. Type 300 and type 350: 12 Volt max. 2.7A (24 Volt max. 1.4 A). As an option these clear view screens may be equipped with a heating element. 

Type 300 A= 275, B= 30, C= 138, D= 250, E= 300

Type 350 A= 327, B= 37, C=134, D= 300, E=350