Vetus Easy Docking Panel, EZDOCK2

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Vetus Easy Docking Panel,  EZDOCK2

Product information

 This control panel combines the functions of twin joysticks into one easy to operate knob. The simple and intuitive control action ensures that operation of both bow and stern thruster together becomes a smooth procedure. The use of Hall effect sensors in this control panel means there are no holes in it and it is therefore completely watertight.

Safety features and technical specifications

  • Protected against accidental or unauthorized operation.
  • Panel power on indicator.
  • Control circuit overload protection.
  • Watertight to IP 65
  • In the event of continuous running for more than 2 minutes there is a warning LED and buzzer and the thruster will switch off automatically. The panel will reset itself after 5 seconds.

Dimensions 85mm x 138mm.

Technical Specification