Vetus Flush deck hatches

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Product options FGH2626, Flush deck hatch type 2626 £319.00 inc VAT FGH4444, Flush deck hatch type 4444 £449.00 inc VAT FGH5151, Flush escape hatch type 5151 £509.00 inc VAT FGH6363, Flush escape hatch type 6363 £709.00 inc VAT

Vetus Flush deck hatches

Product information


Designed specifically for new boat designs, these flush hatches are an economic and stylish alternative to conventional deck hatches.

Flush hatches are most suitable for new builds, where the deck can be specially prepared for the installation. The hatch is recessed completely into the deck and after fitting, there is only an attractive and unhindered surface, with nothing to snag lines or unwary feet.

The lid is made from 10 mm thick ''dark smoked'' acrylic and the frame from polished and anodised aluminium. The hatch is available in 4 sizes.


        Escape hatches             Hatches
  External dimensions in mm   FGH6363   FGH5151  FGH4444   FGH2626
                  A x B  700 x 700  580 x 580  515 x 515  330 x 330
   Cut-out dimensions in mm    
                  C x D   627 x 627  507 x 507  442 x 442  260 x 260