Vetus Fuel filter WS250

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Vetus Fuel filter WS250

Product information

WS250 dimensionsMany people are totally unaware of the problems that water in fuel can cause. Droplets of water in fuel are ideal carriers of dirt and rust through narrow pipes. One small drop of water may cause blockage of the fuel pump, cutting off the fuel supply. With diesel engines it is then very difficult to re-start the engine. Water may also be the cause of rust in the pump or in the injectors, resulting in blockage and expensive repairs. Fuel tanks in boats often contain some water, which seeps in when filling, or which is formed by condensation. Apart from this, a fuel tank in a boat often contains dirt, which is too much for the primary fuel filter of the engine to handle.

A Vetus separator / fuel filter is therefore certainly no luxury, but necessity. The Vetus water separators / fuel filters type WS 180, WS 250, WS720 and WS 750 consist of the following compenents:

  1. A water separator, which owing to the fact that the water adn the heavier dirt particles to settle. The bowl receiving the separated water and dirt particles to settle. The bowl receiving the separated water and dirt is very large, so that, generally speaking, it will not be necesarry to drain more than once a month, through the plug or tap at the bottom of the housing.
  2. A fuel filter which stops the ramaining solid dirt particles, at the same time removing the residue of water from the fuel.

Vetus water separators / fuel filters are made for simple and easy installation. Changing of the filter elements is also a matter of seconds only. The maximum water separation is more than 90%. Together with the application of the primary fuel filter, fitted to the engine, a total water separation of 99% is achieved. Vetus water separator / fuel filters must be installed vertically and as close to the tank as possible.

Technical Data:

  • connection: 9/16" - 18 UNF female thread
  • connection nipples ofr 10mm diamter (3/8") tubing can be supplied.
  • weight: 2.27 kg
  • filter element to be renewed after 500 hours of use, or once a year.
  • maximum capacity: 250 litres/hour.
  • recommended maximum input: 150 litres/hour
  • complete with heat deflecting shield.
  • capacity of receiver bowl. ca. 270 cm^3
  • specially developed for marine use