Vetus M4.55 Marine diesel engine 52hp

Buying information Part Number: M4.55 From £9,108.00 inc VAT
Product options With Twin disc TMC60 Gearbox £9,108.00 inc VAT With ZF10M Gearbox £9,108.00 inc VAT With ZF12M Gearbox £9,888.00 inc VAT With Sail drive £10,788.00 inc VAT

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Vetus M4.55 Marine diesel engine 52hp

Product information

The starting points for the development of Vetus marine diesel engines have been strickly defined, now for more than 30 years. Requirements such as enviromental protection, reliability, durability, fuel efficiency and low-vibration/low-noise operation are considered to be essential.

Technical Specification

Bore78mm / 3.07inch
Stroke92mm / 3.62 inch
Capacity1758 cm^3 / 108 cu.inch
Number of cylinders4
Compression Ratio22:1
Firing order1-3-4-2
Alternator12 V - 110A
Max. RPM3000
Torque @ 2000 rpm127 Nm
Fuel consumption244 g/kW.h (179 g/hp.h)