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Product options SOL1512S Single relay 12 V 1500W M6 terminals £62.00 inc VAT SOL324S Single relay 24 V 3000W M6 terminals £62.00 inc VAT AFST1512S Single relay 12V 1500W M8 terminals £83.00 inc VAT AFST324S Single relay 24V 3000W M8 terminals £80.00 inc VAT AFST624S Single relay 24V 6000W M10 terminals £206.00 inc VAT

Vetus Make Relays

Product information

Make relay for lifting all types of electric anchor windlasses, with a motor of maximum 1.5kW at 12 Volt or of 3 kW at 24 Volt D.C. For hauling and releasing, two of these control swtiches may be fitted.

SOL1512S and SOL324S are watertight to IP65


Make relay for lifting only of all types of electric anchor windlasses with a motor of maximum 6 kW at 24Volt. For hauling and realeasing, two of these control switches may be fitted