Vetus NLPG Muffler / Gooseneck

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Product options NLPG40 Gooseneck 40mm dia £191.00 inc VAT NLPG45 Gooseneck 45mm dia £191.00 inc VAT NLPG50 Gooseneck 50mm dia £191.00 inc VAT

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Vetus NLPG Muffler / Gooseneck

Product information

Combining the functions of a muffler and gooseneck save installation time and space whilst maintaining the essential qualities of a good exhaust system. The gooseneck prevents water back filling the exhaust and muffler creates additional water mixing to further reduce exhaust noise.

The results are impressive and all with negligible back pressure in the system. Both the sections and the hose connections of this new model are fully rotatable, ensuring ease of installation. Available with hose connections of 40, 45 and 50 mm Dia.