Vetus Planus deck hatches

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Product options Planus ventilation hatch, type 2323 £90.00 inc VAT Planus ventilation hatch, type 3023 £102.00 inc VAT Planus ventilation hatch, type 3421 £102.00 inc VAT Planus deck hatch, type 4532 £152.00 inc VAT Planus deck hatch, type 4040 £157.00 inc VAT Planus escape hatch, type 4545 £169.00 inc VAT PLA50, Planus escape hatch, type 5050 £196.00 inc VAT

Vetus Planus deck hatches

Product information

 VETUS Planus hatch frames are hand polished prior to the anodization process. Not only does this have higher quality appearance, but has the advantage that dirt, salt and grease will not accumulate on the frame and cause permanent stains. Even under the most arduous conditions, VETUS windows, portlights and hatches will still look like new! 

VETUS hatch handles have a number of advantages.

  • The hatch can be opened from either inside or outside.
  • The hatch can be shut completely watertight, or secured with a small air gap to allow permanent ventilation.
  • An internal locking mechanism ensures the hatch cannot be opened from outside when the boat is left unattended. This operates in both the closed or ventilation positions.
  • The low external profile ensures that ropes, e.g. running rigging on sailing boats, cannot foul on the handles.
  • These handles are available separately and can be used to upgrade older VETUS Libero and Planus hatches.

Anodized aluminium counter flange and a mosquito screen are available as options.

                Escape Hatch                Hatch                       Ventilation Hatch
  External dimensions in mm         PLA50        PLA45     PLA40     PLA32      PLA34       PLA30     PLA23
                     A x B      521 x 521     474 x 474  424 x 424  424 x 424   390 x 260   350 x 260   280 x 280
  Cut-out dimensions in mm               
                     C x D      471 x 471      424 x 424  374 x 374  424 x 494   340 x 210   300 x 230   230 x 230