Vetus Type K40 Flexible engine mounts

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Vetus Type K40 Flexible engine mounts

Product information

All Vetus engine mouting absorb the propeller thrust. 

The torque of an engine is one of the deciding factors for determinations of the load applied to the engine mounts. When more powerful engines are installed, it is important to use the following formula to define the load per support in kg (4 supporting points).

(engine weight in kg / number of supports) + (kW x 487 x reduction of gearbox / engine rpm  x centre to centre spacing in meters of longitudinal engine bearers) = max. load per support in kg

Type K40

The relatively soft rubber compound of these flexible mountings fulfils precisely the requirements of light-weight vessels, equipped with a modern 3 - cylinder marine diesel engine, with regard to the insulation of vibrations. The rubber elements are especially shaped to create the optimum in vibration dampening. The Vetus flexible engine mounting type K40 features internal buffers, which limit the engine movement when started or stopped and its is also secured against overload and shearing off.

These engine mountings are especially designed for 3 - cylinder marine diesel engines


Technical Specification

Stiffness ratio - vertical1
Stiffness ratio athwartships1
Stiffness ratio fore and aft2.4
Min. load kg - static25
Min. compression mm - static5
Max. load kg - static + dynamic40
Max. compression mm - static + dynamic8
Hardness in shore50