Vetus VENT7612 extraction ventilator

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Vetus VENT7612 extraction ventilator

Product information

We do not recommend using these extraction ventilators to provide air to the main engine(s). Every marine engine is able to draw sufficient air by itself, provided of course, that the ventilations openings to the engine room are adequate. If an extraction ventilator is placed in the air duct, the electric motor may overheat, as the suction power of the engine will cause the fan to over - rotate.

The purpose of these Vetus ventilators, is to extract the heat from the engine room when the engines are stopped, or, when petrol engines are installed, to extract any possible petrol vapours prior to starting the engine(s).

VENT7612 / 7624


  • Ignition protected
  • Complies with ISO 9097 marine standard
  • With Delrin Impeller
  • Capacity 4m3 (140 cu.ft) per minute
  • Static pressure: 57 mm H2O.
  • Ideal for galley, toilet nad engine room.
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt.
  • Connection for 76 mm ID hose.
  • 12 Volt 8 A / 24 Volt 4 A