Vetus Waterlock LP40R / LP45R / LP50R

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Product options WLOCKL40R 40 mm £144.00 inc VAT WLOCKL45R 45 mm £144.00 inc VAT WLOCKL50R 50 mm £144.00 inc VAT
Vetus Waterlock LP40R / LP45R / LP50R

Product information

Waterlock dimsVetus Waterlock LP40R / LP45R / LP50R - for exhaust hose with internal diametes of 40 mm, 45 mm or 50 mm I.D. Provided with a plug for draining during winter time. The inlet connection of these 3 models will revolve through 360 degrees, which greatly facilitates the installation of the exhaust assembly. There is a larger waterlock for the 51 mm I.D. host which is recommended for assemblies with longer lenght exhaust tubing (more than 4 metres total hose length)