Yanmar 2GMY commercial marine diesel engine 12hp

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Yanmar 2GMY commercial marine diesel engine 12hp

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Lightweight and compact

Features outstanding compactness for the most effective use of engine room through efforts to reduce engine dimensions and weight. This high-speed, lightweight engine is faster as well.

Superb fuel economy with special swirl chamber

Yanmar's unique swirl pre-combustion chamber gives the better combustion for hight fuel economy.

Outstanding durability and reliabilty.

Durable with joint sea and fresh water cooling to prevent the sea water from coming in direct contact with the engine. The constant fresh water cooling system also keeps the cooling water temperature at a constant level so there is les wear of the cylinder liners, rings and other parts.

Low vibration and low noise

The intake and exhuast noise are effectively reduced by the intake silencer and water cooled manifold. Vibrations caused by recipocation are also minimised by comprehensive weight recduction and balance adjustment.