Inboard Engines 300 - 400hp

Volvo Penta Yanmar

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Volvo Penta Easy Connect

Add to basket 23194818 From £381.60 inc VAT

Yanmar 6LPA-STZP2 marine diesel engine 315 hp

6LPA-STZP2 From £27,838.80 inc VAT

YANMAR 8LV-370 Marine Diesel Engine 370hp

8LV-370 £34,599.00 inc VAT

Volvo Penta D6-330 marine diesel engine 330hp

D6-330 From £36,153.60 inc VAT

Volvo Penta D4-300 marine diesel engine 300hp

D4-300 From £32,494.80 inc VAT

YANMAR 6LY400 Marine Diesel Engine 400hp

6LY400 £39,999.00 inc VAT

YANMAR 8LV-320 Marine Diesel Engine 320hp

8LV-320 £32,199.00 inc VAT

Volvo Penta D6-370 marine diesel engine 370hp

D6-370 From £39,811.20 inc VAT

YANMAR 8LV-370Z marine diesel engine 370hp

8LV-370Z From £40,558.80 inc VAT

Volvo Penta IPS350 with Twin D4 engines 350hp

IPS350 with D4 engine From £120,555.60 inc VAT

YANMAR 8LV-320Z marine diesel engine 320hp

8LV-320Z From £37,918.80 inc VAT

Volvo Penta Easy Connect

Add to Basket 23194818 From £381.60 inc VAT

YANMAR 6LY440 Marine Diesel Engine 440hp

6LY440 From £42,999.00 inc VAT