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Vetus Battery Selector Switch, ACCUSCH

Vetus Battery Selector Switch, ACCUSCH
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The famous VETUS battery selector switch is a sturdy rotary series switch. It enables battery usage and charging. Kema and UL approved.

From the OFF position, in accordance with the switch pattern, battery 1 only, battery 1 plus battery 2 or battery 2 only can be switched on. The switch enables usage and charging of the batteries individually and in parallel connection. The switch has a red locking button which indicates and locks the switch position, discouraging enthusiastic operation. Even though the battery selector is fitted, you still have the choice which battery will supply which service. If your chosen battery is nearly discharged or defective, the other battery can be called to the rescue. By using a VETUS battery selector switch, the starter and domestic battery can be used and charged as you desire.

Technical Specification

135x 135x75