Vetus Flexible Waste Water Tank, TANKV

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Product options TANKV55, 55ltr, 16 and 38mm Connections £168.30 inc VAT TANKV70, 70ltr, 16 and 38mm Connections £231.55 inc VAT TANKV100, 100ltr, 16 and 38mm Connections £237.65 inc VAT TANKV160, 160ltr, 16 and 38mm Connections £356.00 inc VAT
Vetus Flexible Waste Water Tank, TANKV

Product information

The VETUS TANKV55 flexible tank is suitable to store grey and black waste water and is odour tight. It can be installed easily and quickly. It assumes the shape of the space in which it is placed and can be positioned in places that are normally difficult to reach. There is no need for any additional installation parts. Fitting the outlet nipple and connecting the hoses for inlet and outlet are the only things to be done. When filled, the height is approx. 30 cm. We not only weld the seams, but in addition we also weld an extra strip. This makes the VETUS flexible tank resistant against much higher pressures, especially if the contents are moving when the boat is rolling or pitching. 
Construction – see drawing for details: 
1. Two right angle nipples Ø 38 mm (supplied with the tank)
2. Right angle breather nipple Ø 16 mm, already fitted.
3. Breather nipple Ø 16 mm.
4. Breather bend for anti-siphoning device. When discharge of the tank through a deck plate is required, a Ø 38 mm tank connector is available as an option.

Technical Specification