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Vetus Fuel Safe anti theft device FUELSAFE.

Vetus Fuel Safe anti theft device FUELSAFE.
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With ever increasing fuel prices, the theft of fuel from boats is becoming a far more common occurrence. A Vetus fuel safe overcomes this risk simply and cheaply, by making it impossible to insert a siphon hose into the tank through the filling hose. Think about the value of the fuel in your tank or the inconvience of running out unexpectedly.

  • Installation of this safety device is very simple
  • No dismantling is required
  • The synthetic packing material is also used to insert the device.
  • Suitanle ot hoses with internal diameters of 38mm (1 1/2") and 51mm (2").
  • Material: Petrol and diesel reistant synthetic
  • Dimensions: dia. 55mm x 72mm


Technical Specification

55 x 72
38 or 51