Vetus Type FTRW210 Water strainer

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Vetus Type FTRW210 Water strainer

Product information

For installations where the cooloing water strainer must be mounted close to or below the waterline and for commercial applications, Vetus bronze cooling water strainers  are an ideal solution. Like other Vetus water strainers the cover is transparent, allowing easy inspection for blockages. The cover is removable by simply unscrewing a signle central knob.

Three models of strainer are available for hose diameters of 1/2", 3/4" and 1". The hose connections are angled 45° and rotate throuhg 360°. The strainer can either base or side mounted. A water drain is provided for winterisation.

Suitable for 0.5 bar under pressure to 5 bar over pressure. Fresh or salt water. Maximum water temperature 55°C

Internal hose dia.

Recommended input

litres / min

mm inches
12.7 1/2


19.1 3/4 51
25.4 1 91