Vetus waterlock / muffler NLP 50S - 60 - 75 - 90

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Vetus waterlock / muffler NLP 50S - 60 - 75 - 90

Product information

NLP 50s - 60 - 75 - 90 DimensionsTo compliment VETUS well known and proven range of LP waterlocks, VETUS has introduced several new models, type NLP, made of injection-moulded plastic materials. These have the benefits of being durable, corrosion proof and light in weight. These new NLP  waterlocks are of dual stage construction, featuring upper and lower chambers with a horizontal partition plate and a riser tube through the centre. Compared with single stage waterlocks using only one chamber, these NLP waterlocks offer superior silencing of exhaust noise with minimal back pressure. Since the top chamber may be rotated through approx 300 degrees and both the inlet and the outlet connectors can rotate through 360 degree, installation of the exhaust assembly even in confined engine spaces is greatly simplified.

How these waterlocks operate

How NLP WorksThe rotatable inlet of the waterlock is connected to the engine exhaust mainfold, using VETUS Exhaust hose. The exhaust gases, mixed with cooling water are forced from the lower chamber into the upper one, via the central riser tube and the through the (also rotatable), outlet connector at the top. This outlet connector is coupled to the transom connector, again by means of VETUS exhuast hose. For optimum silencing of exhaust noise, it is recommended to instal a VETUS muffler and gooseneck in the exhaust line, after the NLP waterlock.