Yamaha F2.5A 4 stroke outboard engine 2.5hp

Buying information Part Number: F2.5AMH From £650.00 inc VAT
Product options F2.5AMHS Short shaft £662.00 inc VAT F2.5AMHL Long shaft £672.00 inc VAT

Yamaha F2.5A 4 stroke outboard engine 2.5hp

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Product information

The F2.5 is a perfect way to get out and enjoy the water, turning even the shortest boat rides into enjoyable adventures.

Inside its neat, streamlined shell, this 4-stroke outboard is packed full of pioneering Yamaha technology. And it packs a punch too – always providing enough power to get you where you want to go. Superb handling, manoeuvrability and reliability on the water come as standard, along with user-friendly controls and vibration-free performance.

The large, comfortable carry-handle makes the F2.5 genuinely portable and a pleasure to use – and adds a new dimension to small boat adventures. It also makes the ideal auxiliary engine for discerning yacht owners.


Technical Specification

Engine type4 Stroke
Number of cylinders1
Propshaft output 1.8 kW (5500rpm)
Recomended boat transom HeightStadard: 381mm - Long 508mm
Fuel tank capacity0.9 litres
Starter systemManual
Ingnition advance systemTCi
Throttle and shift controlsTwist grip F-N/side shift