Yanmar D27 Marine Diesel outboard 27hp

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Yanmar D27 Marine Diesel outboard 27hp

Product information

Diesel Outboards that Work

Boat owners quickly relate to the strong advantages of diesels.

  •  lower chance of electrical trouble.
  • much better fuel efficiency.
  • long, reliable work-filled life.

When all 3 are combined, the case for a diesel becomes overwhelming. But what about small boats? Virtually unobtainable? That was until Yanmar launched its D series diesel outboards, creating waves of excitement amongst user and the industry alike!

Now instead of fickle performance common to so many gasoline engines, the diesel outboard presents operational savings and long-term strengths that make pure sense to the commercial operator.

Good for Long Hours at Low Revs

For trolling, working nets, fish farms, for any low speed operation the diesel can''t be equalled. The special combustion chamber, new cooling system (with double thermostats) allow long hours of idling, cooling water temperature is kept high by the seawater thermostat, and at high sped the exhaust temperature thermostat lowers the cooling water temperature. The engine responds to the work speed.

A New Diesel Image

The shriek of the gas outboard is replaced by the domesticated throb of a diesel. Easy on your mind. easy on the neighbors.

Technically Superior

A unique one piece aluminum block and head is one secret
of this remarkable outboard. Substantial weight savings, dispensing with head gaskets, and removing also a number of potential leak sources; these are all very real advantages. Special cast iron cylinder liners are bonded into the block. Miniature fuel injection pumps are combined with nozzles to form "unit injectors" which are super-compact, and are a best match for these high-speed, direct injection engines. Precise fuel metering, quick response, extra high injector pressures helps smoother running, cleaner exhausts and fuel economy. High protection and high finish give you an outboard that lasts. With 5 painting processes, and anodes on both the bracket and the case, your unit is protected inside and out. With reliable power and a heart to work all day, these engines have truly marked a "coming of age" for the diesel outboard.